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Software as a Service

We are experienced with design and building SaaS solutions supporting Subscription based business models.

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Business Software Development

Tailor-made solutions which meet the business requirements and fit to the work mode and business approach of our customers.

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Our E-commerce solution covers the supply, inventory, commerce and transport area's, gives an integrated overview of the process for simple and compound products based on a single and multi store vendor.


Our DevOps service is an increasingly common approach to agile software development that support developers and operations teams to build, test, deploy and monitor applications with a good quality, speed and control.

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Secure Mobile App

By identifying the shortcomings of the mobile devices, using clean, secure code, strong authentication and encryption, securing the app data, preventing data leaks, optimising data caching and isolating application information, we provide our customers secure apps with a great user experience.

Development & Deployment Street

Our well designed way of setting up development pipelines, CI/CD, automatic testing and deployment covering all code quality standards, optimise the Agile way of development and deployment. The customers would be able to add functionalities to their product/system more efficiently.

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